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imageAs a former four-sport student athlete, Madeline’s athletic career came to an abrupt end when she suffered a life-altering concussion on a high school soccer field in October of 2011.

Since then, she continues to suffer from post-concussion syndrome, and has become a prominent voice in concussion education, as well as a Certified Brain Fitness Coach. She is an Ambassador for the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, and spoke at the Pediatric Brain Injury Conference in MA, as well as to classes of medical students at Tufts University School of Medicine over the last four years. She is currently a senior at Simmons College majoring in neuroscience and behavior with a concentration in biology, and double minoring in nutrition and biostatistics.

Since January of 2016, she has been assisting with the UNITE study, and is conducting her senior thesis project at the Boston University School of Medicine CTE Center as a clinical research intern. Madeline is from Eastern Massachusetts, and is pursing a career in clinical neuropsychology, with interests in the effects of repetitive head trauma in “spinning” and “upside down” athletes such as gymnasts and half-pipe snowboarders, and in early-onset dementias.



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