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gagliasAn eleventh grade honors student from Long Island, New York, Kate began playing soccer at the age of four. Since the age of nine, she has had four concussions. After receiving her fourth concussion in October 2012 (her sophomore year), she suffered from Post-Concussion Syndrome as well as experiencing other complications from the impact. In January 2013, she was forced to stop playing soccer and all other contact sports because of the risk involved with getting another head injury. Even though she still deals with minor post-concussion symptoms, she spends her time running track and stays involved in her school’s varsity soccer team and travel team as manager. Along with giving a speech about her experiences with concussions to athletic training students at Stony Brook University, Kate is also due to be featured in a special on Nickelodeon News where she is documented along with other athletes who have suffered different kinds of sports injuries.

In the future, Kate hopes to go to college for sports medicine, specifically, athletic training.



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