Kate Parhiala



kate1If you can race it, chances are that Kate has done it. Downhill ski racer? Check. BMX racer? Check. Downhill mountain bike racer? Check. Cyclo-cross and four-cross racer? Check. Kate Parhiala attacks life. Unfortunately, life sometimes bites back. Concussions from downhill mountain bike crashes left Kate reeling from symptoms along with being diagnosed with atrophy of the temporal and parietal lobes of her brain. Forced by her doctors to retire from downhill MTB and BMX racing, Kate has dialed back her participation in the heavier cycling disciplines with the hope of balancing her life and continuing to ski and race cyclo-cross. Kate has taken on the concussion cause with the hope of being able to educate others on a subject that we were all ignorant on at one point. A native of Eastern Massachusetts, Kate currently lives and works in Boston and was recently married.


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