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A native of Western Massachusetts and a BMX racer, Jay founded The Knockout Project in November 2012 and is the Project’s Executive Director. Jay was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome after his ninth concussion. He was convinced that the aftermath was so awful that word about concussion identification and treatment had to get out to the parents and coaches who were responsible for young athletes. It was after a speech at Baystate Health Systems at his doctors’ behest that Jay decided to focus on tackling concussion education.

Jay still struggles daily with various symptoms, but is dedicated to living as normal a life possible while raising concussion awareness. Officially, Jay was medically retired from racing bicycles in 2011, but he was never able to climb on a bike again after a crash on May, 14, 2010 that led to his eighth concussion.

In January of 2016, Jay was elected to the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts and served a two year term.



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