Please note that we do not link to products designed to stop concussions. While we welcome advancements in research and product design with the ultimate goal of mitigating or stopping concussions, we feel that our educational position would be too easily compromised and viewed as a conflict of interest if we featured those types of links here.

We do, however, link to Doctors, Clinics, and Providers who are devoted to concussion treatment as well as to sites that we believe provide valuable knowledge.


Find A Concussion Specialist at Concussion

Find a Vision Specialist at (Use the locator and be sure to look for a “fellow” rather than an “associate” and check the box for “certified in vision therapy”)

The Concussion Blog

The Concussion Connection

Fighting Post Concussion Syndrome

Optometric Interventions in PCS/PPTVS

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program – University of Miami Kidz Neuroscience Center / Concussion Information


Health Care Providers:

Find A Concussion Specialist at Concussion

Florida (Miami): – University of Miami Health System Kidz Neuroscience Center

Massachusetts (Boston): Robert C. Cantu, MD- Neurological Surgery, Inc.

Massachusetts (Springfield): Baystate Medical Center Sports Concussion Clinic

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh): University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Sports Medicine Concussion Program

4 thoughts on “LINKS

  1. Laura Consiglio

    I wish I had seen this site sooner as my daughter had suffered from debilitating headaches for nearly 4 years. We found Dr. Ducic at Georgetown who performed peripheral nerve surgery on her in December and she has been able to return to life as normal. the elimination of her pain was almost immediate. It is out-patient surgery so not nearly as scary as some of the drastic measures out there. Please check out his web site, to read more about him and the procedure. also, you can read this story on the procedure for more info
    We suffered so long, like so many of the posts here, and like everyone I read about here, we are eager to help spread the word about finally finding relief. Maybe this can help someone else on this site

    1. jfraga Post author

      Thank you, Laura! We are going to be featuring your daughter’s story soon! I told her last week in an email that it was so nice to hear a success story amidst so much agony. Thank you for the information! – Jay

  2. Nancy Solomon

    I have spent 5 months trying different ways to help my son after his 5th hockey concussion. We tried MyoWorx, acupuncture, craniosacral, etc. Currently, we are at the Carrick Center in Atlanta- it’s AMAZING. There are people here from all around the world, including multiple professional athletes. They offer quantifiable, specific data about how the brain is responding and targeted exercises to reactivate that area. I can’t believe my son was in so much pain as he rested and waited for his brain to heal. Although some symptoms got better, his headaches didn’t. He has to repeat his academic year and give up hockey. After just two days at the Carrick Center, he’s shown improvement. If you have a concussion you have to look into this group. This is the future of concussion treatment.‎

  3. Fay Wheeler

    Nancy, I am really interested in your experience there. We have been to several other clinics and many neurologists over the years with our now 25-year-old son. He is exploring neurofeedback, Brain Optimization (like neurofeedback, but uses sound waves instead of a visual display) and even hyperbaric oxygen treatment. He wants, not only to relieve his symptoms, but to start healing his brain so he will not be so vulnerable to the next concussion. The most recent, which caused him to withdraw from law school was literally a tap on the head. The Carrick website says they have personalized and cutting-edge treatment. Can you describe it?


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