Brittni Souder




A native of Frederick, Maryland and a former collegiate soccer player, Brittni was forced to finally retire from her playing days in 2014 after what she estimates now to have been her 9th concussion.  After spending the majority of her college career battling injuries, doctors, and her family to get back onto the field she now fights to raise awareness among “invincible” athletes and uneducated family members: two things she herself has been in the past.

Brittni and her family now realize she likely suffered three concussions before even reaching college when her struggles with them really began. After suffering from nagging ankle injuries her freshman and sophomore years she sustained 3 concussions during her junior season: approximately a two-month span.  Although she continued to fight to play for the next two seasons she would never really be the same after that fall of 2012.



After two surgeries on her head and taking a semester off, she returned to school for her final semester and season in the fall of 2014.  She suffered two minor hits that she played through, determined to finish out her final season.  On October 25th, 2014 in the final seconds of a game her hopes came to a grinding halt.  The buzzer sounded and her teammates surrounded her, lifting her off turf and then held her up as they celebrated their big win.  She was helped off the field for the last time.

She managed to finish college from home with the help of her professors and officially graduated in May of 2015.  Since then she has fought to manage her Post-concussion symptoms and live as normal of a life as possible.  She coaches college soccer and hopes her story will serve as an example of what can happen.



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