Press Release: New Interactive Feature, “What Brought You Here?” Launches Oct 13th


The Knockout Project Announces New Interactive Feature, “What Brought You Here?”

Belchertown, Massachusetts – September 23, 2013 – The concussion education website “The Knockout Project” is taking a leap forward in terms of relevant content delivery.

Since founding The Knockout Project in late 2012, former athlete and multiple concussion sufferer Jason Fraga has been working on shaping the content that the fledgling website would provide. Said Fraga, “I had a vision for the void that The Project would fill, but the truth is, I knew from the start that this would be a work in progress. It was important to me that we would rush to get the website online – even if it were skeletal in the beginning.”

Realizing the potential of site metrics, Fraga came up with the concept of “What Brought You Here?”

“Immediately, it became clear from referrer stats that questions typed into search engines- which ultimately delivered people to our website- were a valuable and sometimes heartbreaking commodity. People in the throes of concussion aftermath are often desperate for answers- answers that are sometimes lacking with medical professionals in their area. We’ve been down that road already and can offer insight. To that end, “What Brought You Here?” is a short video segment produced by members of The Knockout Project Round Table (our Board members) that gives us a way to address our audience in the most personal terms: by answering their questions directly on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In addition to scouring search engine terms, we’ll post a link where users can submit their questions to us. Knowledge is a valuable commodity, and we aim to provide it to people on a number of fronts: Prevention, possible treatments, as well as an outlet for people to get their stories off their chests. All are important in our view. The bottom line is that we’re very excited about the possibilities that this initiative brings.”


Founded in November 2012, The Knockout Project was an answer to an athlete’s struggles while dealing with the aftermath of Post-Concussion Syndrome. Those struggles manifested themselves in a number of ways: Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional. That athlete was determined to educate others so that they didn’t make the same mistakes that he did- in the hope that others would avoid a similar fate.

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